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Xplicit Computing is an engineering and simulation company focused on increasing human and machine efficiency across multiple industries and domains. Our team has extensive experience in aerospace, energy, physics, numerics and software engineering, allowing us to pioneer multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems.


Hierarchy | Modularity | Regularity

After a decade of research and development, we're proud to announce that XCOMPUTE will be released publicly Summer 2024.

XCOMPUTE is a systems simulation and scientific computing platform that enables teams to resolve complex numerical problems with a modular approach to systems and algorithms. Unlike conventional computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools, XCOMPUTE was built from the ground-up with new hierarchical and regular abstractions -- on path to an integrated engineering environment, supporting mesh generation, fluid dynamics, stress mechanics, multiphysics and much more.

XCOMPUTE's client-server model allows multiple users to view and collaborate on simulations using the graphical XC client, while the XC server solves simulations and can be deployed on local or cloud-based hosts. XC tech gives you the most powerful computing software, but also enables you direct access to your setup/results graphically or using the programming language of your choice!

Systems | Geometry | Physics | Interaction

A spectrum of numerical methods are available for users to facilitate simulations, including:

Studies have found that engineers spend a third of their time on non-value added work and 20% of their time working with outdated information. XCOMPUTE is designed to increase productivity throughout the project management lifecycle, from concept through production.


XC preparing for imminent debut of flagship XCOMPUTE platform

Ten years in the making, privately-owned Xplicit Computing has overcome all of the challenges associated with researching, developing, and deploying a novel software technology. The main applications for the platform are xcompute-server and xcompute-client, which will soon be available for registered users.

Xplicit Computing releases XC-Messages as open source software

XC-Messages was released publicly on Monday, July 11, 2022 as open source software under the BSD 3-Clause license. Messages is a file and wire schema that enables numerical and related data to be shared across high-performance computing sessions and programming environments more efficiently than conventional approaches. Our library consists of ~18 practical concepts for computer-aided engineering (CAE), and by releasing Messages as open source, we intend to encourage further collaboration across engineering and scientific communities.

For more information, please see the Messages Github repository.

CEO Graham J. Orr presents XCOMPUTE architecture at ICCFD11

At 3:30PM GMT-10, Xplicit Computing’s founder and CEO Graham J. Orr will present a paper at the eleventh International Conference on Fluid Dynamics. The paper, titled “XCOMPUTE: Algorithms and Instruction Sequences for CFD/FEA Multi-Physics,” describes the architecture and fundamental concepts that power XCOMPUTE.

An interactive version of this paper is available here on our website.

Xplicit Computing issued Patent No. 11,373,019 for XCOMPUTE architecture

The United States Patent and Trademark office has officially issued Xplicit Computing Patent No. 11,373,019, “Scalable Convention For Data Properties In Numerical Computing.” This patent describes a number of fundamentals that XCOMPUTE is built on, and gives Xplicit a powerful position in the simulation industry.


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